The Delba Winthrop Award

The Delba Winthrop Mansfield Memorial Fund Book Award is given annually to a junior scholar with a Ph.D. or nearing completion of a Ph.D. for excellence in the field of political science. It is designed to further the careers of promising junior scholars. The prize may be given for a dissertation or book (published or not yet published), a series of publications, or an outstanding article in a peer-reviewed publication.

It is given in honor of Delba Winthrop, a scholar of Aristotle, Tocqueville and Solzhenitsyn, who taught for many years at Harvard University. Her study of Aristotle, Aristotle: Democracy and Political Science, orginally submitted as a doctoral dissertation in 1974, was published in 2018.

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About Delba Winthrop

Delba Winthrop, beloved wife of Harvey Mansfield and friend and hostess to many both inside and outside the field of political science and the academy, was a scholar of Aristotle, Tocqueville, and Solzhenitsyn; a teacher of political philosophy at Harvard; and a mentor to many students of political science.